What we do

Our motto is:

“The tree of peace was once a seed of unity”

The Foundation’s mission is countering harmful divisions, polarization and extremism in and among societies.

Our work is aiming towards accomplishment of the three principal goals:

-       to integrate a diverse group of actors in respectful dialog and joint action for peace and progress enhancement;

-       to develop a variety of instruments and platforms for sustainable conflict management and reconciliation; and

-       to contribute in the global mission of UNAOC and other institutions to bridge divides and promote harmony among the nations.

The work of the Foundation will have a wide focus. As a regional and global meeting point for state leaders, religious leaders, politicians, civil society, academia and media it will be a “do-tank”, not just a “think-tank”.

The Foundation’s primary geographic focus is on the Balkans by building on comparative research with the Middle East and the Caucasus. These three regions have been spots of competing geo-political interests of the large and regional powers throughout history.