Marmara Group Foundation

Marmara Group logoMarmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation was established as an independent Non-Governmental Organization in 1985 and organizes meetings, seminars, conferences and prepares reports, views and also makes analysis in order to determine solutions to problems of Turkey.

The Mission of Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation is: To think about and discuss Turkey’s problems such as economy, democracy and security and to share ideas with public opinion by finding rational and scientific solutions. In this direction, Marmara Group Foundation conducts researches and implements projects with Middle East, Balkans, Eurasian Countries, national and international think-tanks.

Marmara Group Foundation is an observer member of United Nations Economic and Social Council, a member of Balkan Political Club, an observer member of Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, member of World Azerbaijan Forum and World Mongolian Convention. Furthermore, Marmara Group Foundation has “Strategic Partnership” agreements with Vienna Economic Forum, Slovenia's Bled Strategic Forum, Bulgaria's Slavyani Foundation, China Human Rights Development Association, China Association for International Friendly Contact, Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament, Serbia's Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development, Hungarian Initiative Foundation.