BAU Bahçeşehir University

BAU UniversityBAU Bahçeşehir University is a young, private university on the European side of Istanbul, founded in 1998. The university has an extremely international orientation, with many of its students being internationals and most of its courses taught in English. Its academics have come a long way in its short existence, resulting in the Superbrands of Turkey award in 2007.

The slogan "At the heart of Istanbul" is suitable for a university like Bahçeşehir University (BAU). With its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

"The World is My Campus" provides BAU students with a chance to receive education from very different points. BAU is able to achieve this through Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Rome, Silicon Valley and Boston campuses and academic centers. "BAU Abroad" allows students to continue their education in campuses overseas and provides all support related to the programs.

As a higher education institution dedicated to teaching, research, and service to our society, the mission of Bahceşehir University is to educate the leading work force of future who have an inquiring mind and a critical thinking ability; are sensitive to local and global issues; achieve international standards; contribute to scientific, technological, and cultural knowledge; are strong supporters of universal ideas and values

Bahçeşehir University expects to be the leading force regionally and nationally in the enhancement of knowledge. Bahceşehir University aims to educate students who are committed to promoting respect for the rights of others, who are considerate and appreciative of human differences, and of the constructive expression of ideas.